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<Child Policy>   10 years and under>

We accept a limited number of guests with children in consideration of other guests.

Groups with children are limited to three per day.

There is no private room and We are sorry,

but during the peak winter season we cannot accept reservations

for children less than 3 years of age in consideration of other guests.


The group with children(at most 3 children per group and 3 groups per day)

Under 9 years old can share with parents.


At least. 2 kids have to order 1 set of course same as adult.
Becuse, Kid's menu is not available
.***No a la carte menu available***

<Corkage Policy>

We do not permit guests to bring their own bottles

into our restaurant.


We require prepayment to secure a reservation

via this on-line system.


Refund until 24 hours before your reservation.

<Cancellation policy>

50%       Within 24 hours.

100%      Within 6 hours.

Dates that cannot be selected are already full close.


One hot pot per group for up to 6 persons.
Even if you order the beef course and the pork course

At most 3 children one group
At least,2 kids have to order 1 set
There is no kids menu availabe.

Additional order


Sea urchin sashimi  (The price1 box  ¥11,000-13,000 inc TAX)


Omakase sashimi plate.  (5 kinds of/ share with around 4 people)   ¥4,700 inc Tax

Your message has been sent.

Please note that this is not a confirmed reservation,We will reply within two days.

No reply from us ,in the case please check the spam box also.

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