About Winter reservation (2022-2023)

We start accepting booking from October 1st

お問い合わせ / Inquiry (夏季 / Green season)

Number of the adults ( over 10 years old)


 Number of child (9 years and under)

コース選択 / Course selection
コース内容はこちらをご覧下さい / Menu details click here.
(単品メニューはございません/ A la carte is not available.


If you have 2nd choice of date and time let me know that, it would be easier to book.

追加メニュー希望の際はこちらに記入願います。雲丹1折(¥10000-14000) 生牡蠣 一個(¥480)

We have Oyster Sashimi(1 piece ¥480) and Sea urchin Sashimi(1 box ¥10000-14000)  

 If you would like to eat, please write how many  that you needed.



Thank you so much for inquiry,we will send back you by 48 hours.Sometimes our reply will be in the spam folder

could you check there please before calling us.

Phone number is 090-2695-4945