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2023-2024 winter

December 1 - March 31​

▶︎Child Policy


For safety reasons also for the comfort and convenience of other guests, we are unable to cater to children under 10 years of age.


▶︎Please note that alternative courses,

   vegetarian and gluten-free foods

   are not supported.


▶︎Corkage Policy

We do not permit guests to bring their own bottles

into our restaurant.



▶︎ We can’t accommodate your table request.


We require prepayment to secure a reservation via this online system.


▶︎Cancellation policy

Cancellation within 3 months

A cancellation fee of ¥ 500 per person will be charged.

50%       Within 24 hours.

100%      Within 12 hours.

(incl. the reduced number of guests).



▶︎ Course order required

In the case of additionals(Sashimi and sea urchin) order-only bookings, the booking is automatically cancelled and refunded in full.

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